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We are truly a family business, setup due to the fact we love introducing others to our local woodland and also great Coffee and Ice Cream.

Our passion for cycling runs through the family and we regularly get out on rides and explore new areas. We also love Coffee and feel that if its worth doing its worth doing to the best of our ability.



Mechanic & Barista


Martin is our very own Mechanic and self-confessed Coffee Snob. He is also the reason we are here and doing this !!


Till Operator 


You will find Oakley at the till taking your order or working hard on one of his games on his Kindle.




Chauntelle is Martins long suffering wife. Loves her morning Coffee so don't mess with her until she's had this.


Mini Mechanic


Teighan is working hard to learn the business and take over one day, when he's not working hard, he's cruising around on his bike.


Junior Mechanic


Korbien is our Trainee mechanic and loves riding bikes, especially if that involves big jumps.


Ice Cream Taster


Lastly not forgetting Oreo our chief Ice Cream taster, security dog and the reason we have to go walking !